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Dear Warriors, we have prepared this FAQ to help you know better about this game. Hope you enjoy this game. This FAQ will be updated continuously.

Part 1 Beta Related

Q: When will the Closed Beta start and how long will it continues?

A: The Closed Beta will start from Mar. 24th, and end on Mar. 30th.


Q: Can I recharge during this Closed Beta?

A: We don’t have Recharge in the Closed Beta, but we will have Recharge in coming Open Beta.


Q: Will my game data be deleted after this CB?

A: Yes, they will be deleted, and we will improve our game according to your suggestions after CB.


Q: What is the top level of heroes in this CB?

A: You can reach level 100 which is the top level now in the game.


Q: Can we buy and sell items in the game during the CB?

A: Yes, you can buy and sell items related to Relics in the Auction House.


Part 2 Character

Q: Which occupation can I choose in this CB?

A: We don’t have the differences of characters in the game. The male character and female character are only different in appearance and actions.


Q: Can character’s Ultimate and Normal Skills level up or change?

A: The character can level up his/her Ultimate and Normal Skills through Augment and Upgrade, also, character can change his/her skills by wearing different clothing.


Q: What kind of stats does character/hero/angel have?

A: They have many stats, such as HP, ATK, PDEF, MDEF, Agility, Hit, Dodge, Crit and END.


Q: How does the stamina restore?

A: One stamina restores every 6 minutes.


Part 3 Hero

Q: What’s the difference between hero and angel in the game?

A: LOA II and LOA I are different in heroes and angels. To be convenient for you to cultivate, the heroes and angels are the same in LOA II, all of them can join your Squad. (Heroes and angels are all called heroes in the following FAQ)


Q: What can I do with “Hero Summon”?

A: “Hero Summon” is an important way for you to improve your strength. With the help of Hero Summoner, you can get powerful heroes and deploy them in your squad.


Q: Where can I get heroes in the game?

A: You can get heroes in many ways. First, you can get your early partners after clearing Elite Dungeons. Other heroes can be summoned from Hero Summoner. Of course, sometimes you can get heroes from Events.


Q: What’s the difference of so many heroes? How many kinds are they?

A: They are divided into DPS, Tank, Healer and Support. A good collection will boost your chance to win in the battle.


Q: How are hero qualities divided and what does “quality” mean?

A: The best quality of the hero is Legendary, the second is Epic and the last is Uncommon. The high quality heroes have more space to cultivate and have more powerful skills. By the way, the quality of hero cannot be changed.


Q: There are Pray and Ritual in the Hero Summoner, what’s the difference between them?

A: You can use Pray Tokens in the Pray and have probability to get Epic and Uncommon heroes. The Ritual consumes diamonds or Ritual Tokens to get Uncommon, Epic and Legendary heroes, and you can get Mana when you perform Rituals. You can pick a Legendary hero when the Mana reaches 1000.


Q: What is soul and how can we get and use?

A: You can get souls from the Recycle System by recycling heroes. They can also be found in Shops and Events. Souls can be used in the Hero Shop to buy hero shards.


Q: How can I deploy a new hero to battle?

A: You need to enter the Squad Panel to make deployment or “Change” a deployed hero.


Part 4 Hero Cultivation

Q: How can I level up my heroes? What will be improved after leveling up?

A: You can use EXP Scroll to level up your heroes rapidly. Your heroes’ basic stats will be improved a lot after leveling up.


Q: Where can I get EXP Scrolls?

A: You can get EXP Scrolls from Normal and Elite Dungeons, Hero Trials and Shops.


Q: How can I make a Hero Augment?

A: You need to reach the required level and equip Aether Prisms. To finish a high level Augment, you also need to consume extra same hero.


Q: What can I get after Augment? What is the highest Augment level? Can heroes with different quality reach the same highest Augment level?

A: Both the character and hero can get Normal Skill after the first Augment. The stats of heroes will be improved after each Augment. The highest Augment level now is 15.


Q: Where can I get Aether Prisms?

A: You can get them from Normal and Elite Dungeons.


Part 5 Equipment Cultivation

Q: How to get Equipment in game?

A: You can get it in Elite Dungeons, Eqmt Shop or Events.


Q: How to classify the quality of equipment? How many kinds of quality are there?

A: The order quality of equipment is: Uncommon < Rare < Epic < Legendary. The better quality of equipment is, the more it can be enhanced.


Q: What’s highest level of equipment I can enhance to? How to unlock enhance chain?

A: You can enhance the equipment to twice of you character’s level. When the level of one hero’s all equipment reach a certain level, the chain will be activated and the hero will get extra stats bonus.


Q: How to deal with the equipment I don’t want?

A: You can recycle the equipment for Pitchfork in the Recycle System, so that you can buy other items in the Eqmt Shop with Pitchfork.


Part 6 Battle

Q: What’s the basic battle mode of League of Angel II?

A: League of Angel II is a 3D Turn-based Strategy Card Game.


Q: In the battle, how to decide the order of each hero’s action?

A: The Agility decides the order. For example, you have 3 heroes in the battle, called A, B, C. Their Agility are 100, 200, 300. The Enemy has 3 heroes too, which are E, F, G, and their Agility are 70, 150,99. So the order of attack in this Round is C-B-F-A-G-E.


Q: In the Battle, how do heroes and character unleash skills?

A: Heroes and character can get “Rage” by attacking, being attacked and killing enemy. When the rage reaches 100, hero will release Ultimate. You can choose to release automatically or manually.


Q: How many rounds are there in maximum for each battle?

A: 20 rounds.


Q: How many heroes in maximum can I deploy in the battle?

A: In the beginning of the game, you can deploy 2 heroes (besides character) in the battle. Later as your level rises, you can deploy more heroes. You can deploy up to 4 heroes in your formation.


Q: What’s the difference of Stamina cost between Normal and Elite Dungeons?

A: Each challenge in Normal Dungeon costs 6 Stamina, as Elite Dungeon costs 12 Stamina.


Q: What’s the different loots between Normal Dungeons and Elite Dungeons?

A: The Elite Dungeon always drops EXP Scrolls, Hero Shards and equipment shards. Normal Dungeon drops EXP Scrolls and Aether Prisms.


Part 7 Relic Cultivation

Q: By which level will the Relic System open?

A: The Relic System will be opened when character reaches level 25.


Q: Where can I get the Relics?

A: The Relics can be found during AFK in Palace Dungeon, also can be bought in the shop.


Q: How to evolve Relics?

A: You can evolve Relics by consuming Relic Essences and other Relics.


Part 8 Clothing

Q: Where can we get Clothing?

A: Players can buy Clothing in the Mall. You can also get Clothing through Events.


Q: What effects does the Clothing provide?

A: The Clothing can make you more handsome/beautiful. Each set of Clothing can give you a special skill and stats bonus.


Part 9 Others Cultivation

Q: How to activate Affinity? How can my squad be improved after activating Affinity?

A: Both the character and the heroes have Affinity Effect. You can equip certain kinds of equipment and relics, and deploy certain heroes to unlock Affinity, then you can increase your heroes stats by percentage.


Q: What’s Ally used for?

A: You can deploy different heroes in Ally System (heroes in formation can not be deployed). Allies won’t participate in the battle directly. While they can help to activate Affinities, so as to boost heroes stats in the battle.


Q: How to unlock the Peerage? What can I get after unlocking it?

A: You can get Emblems when clearing Normal Dungeons and then use it to unlock Peerage, which contributes to your stats. The quality of the character will also be upgraded when you unlock certain level of Peerage. So far the highest quality of character is legendary.


Part 10 Friends

Q: How to unlock Friends System?

A: LOA II’s Friends System is unlocked without any condition, it opens for you as soon as you start the game.


Q: How many friends can I add?

A: You can add 40 friends if you are VIP 0, but the “Friend Limit” can be increased if your VIP level is increased.


Q: What is the advantage for me to add friends?

A: You can find whether your friend is online. Friends can send stamina to each other. The maximum times of sending and receiving stamina is 20, one stamina each time.


Q: How to add a friend?

A: You need to wait for your friends’ reply (click agree) after applying for adding friend.


Part 11 Guild

Q: How to Create a Guild?

A: Your character needs to reach level 20 and spend 600 diamonds to create a Guild.


Q: Tell me about the basic functions in the Guild?

A: There are many functions, such as Announcement, Management, Donation, Daily Wage, Guild Dungeon.


Q: How can I upgrade my position?

A: You can be upgraded by the guild leader and we have the Auto-upgrade function in the game.


Q: How to level up the guild?

A: The guild will be leveled up when the donation reach a certain progress. Many other functions will be unlocked after leveling up.


Part 12 Quest Panel

Q: What kinds of quests can I accept in the game?

A: There are Dungeon Quest, Daily Quest and Challenges in the game. You can get rewards after completing the quests. Every Dungeon Quest and Challenge only can be claimed once in the game. The Daily Quest will be reset every 5 am  (server time) in the game. 



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